About me
Ashley Falcon’s is no Cinderella story. Conning her way into fashion shows and getting an internship at the young age of 16, she has always acted on the notion that “luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” Fairy godmothers be damned.

Raised in Miami, Florida Ashley consumed the glossy pages of every fashion magazine and yearned to find her place as a fashion insider in the Big Apple. Her first foray into New York fashion was a summer internship with industry powerhouse Women’s Wear Daily. The following summer she returned for round two, an internship with Marie Claire. Abiding by the three As: attentiveness, accessibility, and accountability, she made herself seen in a sea of 20 other interns.

What a difference a cab ride can make.

Last of the unpaid minions to leave, she shared a cab ride with her editor. After being complimented on her style by her editor, in a combination of exhaustion and comfort, Ashley launched into a full blown discourse which could generally be summed into “it’s not easy being plus and chic.” The concept of Chanel and Walmart and maternity jeans while not pregnant were news to her editor. With guidance and encouragement from her editor, the next day Ashley was in the editor-in-chief’s office pitching what would become her first column “Big Girl in a Skinny World.

The column was an instant success, striking a cord with women all over the country who as one reader said, “saw herself for the first time in Ashley.”  Weeks after the first issue hit newsstands Ashley appeared on the Rachael Ray show. To date she has appeared on over 7 different TV shows including the Tyra Show, Oprah and All On The Line.

Today you can find Ashley styling for brands and personal clients alike. She pens a monthly column for People Style Watch about plus size fashion with her favorite picks, the latest trends and her tips to on how to make fashion work for you! This blog is a result of Ashley’s insatiable appetite for fashion; join her on her fashion for breakfast, lunch, & dinner journey.



How old are you? Where are you from?
I am 24 years old and I’m a Cuban American girl from Miami. Culturally speaking me living in NY i.e. away from my family is an anomaly (Spanish people understand this!).

What size are you?
It varies! I have been everything from a size 14-20. Currently I am a size 16, but I will keep you posted, as a point of reference for your own shopping purposes.

How Tall are you?
5’2… on a good day!

Who takes your outfit pictures?
I work with the very talented Lydia Hudgens for my outfit posts and all other photos are taken by me unless noted!

What kind of camera do you use?
Canon Rebel **

Are you looking for an intern?
Yes, I am looking for someone in the NYC area for 2 days a week. A fashion or graphic design background is ideal. Please email me for more information!

Do you get free products?
Yes, it is one of the perks of being a magazine editor/blogger. Anytime I wear and or choose to promote something I was given for free, you will be the first to know! It’s always noted at the end of the post; just look for “c/o” in front of an item.